«The essence of top-end climbing is not success, but the challenge.

The desire to go further. Difficulties do not frighten me, in fact I am attracted to them.

Difficulties are the reason why I climb. I fully know that with training, preparation and perseverance, I will reach my goals sooner or later».

Adam Ondra


Innovation has nothing to do with engineering meetings or complex software algorithms. At least that’s not the way it works at La Sportiva. It is rather a natural process, crafted by the needs of athletes and mountaineers, constantly in contact with extreme mountains. They try and go beyond their limits and when they visit the factory, they ask for products that meet their demands. There’ll always be somebody wishing to listen to them, to transform an impossible dream into something tangible. A few years ago, running on peaks, amid snow, ice and rock, and then skiing with a carbon boot weighing less than one kilo would have been unconceivable. And yet, Michele Boscacci, William Bon Mardion, Nadir Maguet and others can do precisely that and win the most important skimo races in the world.


«Manufacturing and working in Ziano di Fiemme, close to the Dolomites, requires a bigger effort in terms of logistics and expenses than the firms located at the bottom of the valley, close to the Brennero motorway. Supplies, delivery times, logistics and the organisation are more complex here.

At the same time, living and working in these mountains, being able to go out of the factory and climb, walk or ski tour in a few minutes is a choice. It is an extremely important value. Something which lies at the heart of our philosophy, but also our way of living and getting involved with the environment and nature».

Lorenzo Delladio