Narrating 90 years of history can be quite an undertaking. It means thinking back and remembering hundreds of anecdotes and fundamental stages in a company which over the years has grown simultaneously with the history of alpinism and the stories of so many men who have changed the way people go to the mountains, how they experienced them and felt them. The story of La Sportiva cannot be told like the story of any ordinary company, because it is impossible to exclude from the choir of alpinists, climbers, runners, ski mountaineers, co-workers, employees, all the voices which have contributed to bringing us to where we are today and evolving footwear, material, gestures, habits, ways of firstly understanding the mountains mentally rather than physically.

Our past is made up of alpinism, passion and innovation. But it is above all made up of people, their stories and memories tied to a brand, which has accompanied so many adventures over the years, from the most intimate and personal to the most widely shared and famous, to those who have written the history of alpinism and climbing. It is for this reason that, while collecting ideas for the creation of this book, this is an anthology of stories linked to our brand over its 90 years of history, rather than a proper monograph. We started off by trying to imagine what would have happened if La Sportiva, as a small craft workshop as it was in the year of its founding in 1928, had not developed into what it is today: a global brand capable of offering everything for experiencing the mountains according to our individual interpretation.

We tried to imagine ourselves in another context, in another place away from our mountains, the Dolomites, which inspire us every day to overcome our vertical horizons, to remain in constant movement towards continuous improvement. We tried to visualise Valle di Fiemme without over 300 people who work every day in our headquarters at Ziano and put their energy to the service of those who spend time in the mountains. In the end we tried to imagine 90 years without innovations or protagonists who took our products to the top of the summits of the world.

Well, we couldn’t do it.

This time we failed.

This is why we are here today, 90 years later, telling our stories through the voices of those who lived them personally. They are family stories, that extended family which we have always called Famiglia La Sportiva. The memories we have chosen tell the story of who we are: precious moments of an inestimable heritage which consciously moves towards the future.

Possibly uphill, but that’s the way we like it.

Lorenzo Delladio